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New Patient 
1. Pay $99 Phone Consult then Book
– Dr Condoleon or Dr Zalokar – Time – New – Your email – Register details 
3. Now submit patient form – Medicare, condition, treatment to cannabis consent

Health Engine email confirms appointment
– if you did not Book or complete form
go to Acacia www.acacia-medical.com
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4. Nurse Practitioner +/or TGA Authorized Doctor

calls day of appointment
5. Email photo id license or passport info@acacia-medical.com

6. Call 100+ Pharmacies to
collect or Ship Medicines

– where Drs TGA Authorizer Prescriber approvals are available for all Acacia patients
Return Patient
  1. Book Review
    Practitioner – Time –
    Existing Patient – Review $60 or $90
    ($60 x6 scripts or $90 x12 scripts)
  2. Health Engine email confirms booking

    Need Help or Urgent Scripts?
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