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Acacia Doctors and Nurse Practitioners provide expert Medical Cannabis advice
Prescribing a wide range of treatment options to improve your health
Escripts can be Collected or Shipped from 100+ Pharmacies in Acacia Alliance
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Medical Cannabis Options

18+ chronic condition
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Medical treatments did not fully treat your condition or avoided due to side effects

Do not have Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Psychosis

Not Pregnant, planning pregnancy or breast feeding

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7 days in advance

1. Dr Condoleon 
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2. Dr +/or Nurse Practitioner calls on day 
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– where Drs TGA approvals available for all patients 


1st Review $60

1st Month Review
1. Pay then Book $60
7 days in advance

2. Dr +/or Nurse Practitioner 
calls day of appointment

3. call 100+ Pharmacies
collect or Ship Medicine
– all scripts expire 6 months


Next Review
$60 or $90

Next Review
1. Pay then Book $60 or $90
7 days in advance
– all scripts expire 6 months

2. Dr +/or Nurse Practitioner 
calls day of appointment 

3. call 100+ Pharmacies
collect or Ship Medicine
*Substitution problems or lost scripts?


When you have a legal prescription from a qualified Doctor or Nurse Practitioner you can travel with your prescribed medical cannabis in all states and territories in Australia including legally prescribed medical cannabis. Keep medicines in original packaging with the pharmacy label attached & carry a photo ID which matches your name on the label

Patients are allowed to carry medical cannabis onboard when flying between states in Australia. Make sure your medicine is kept in original packaging with the pharmacy label attached and bring photo ID to support these treatments. You may still be approached by sniffer dogs or police especially if flying. If you have a valid prescription you are allowed to travel with your prescribed medical cannabis

Overseas Travel
Request Travel Certificate in consult – 1 week+ before travelling overseas

Laws vary between countries so flying internationally with medical cannabis can be difficult. Before leaving Australia contact the Embassy or Consulate of the countries you will visit and any stopovers to find out travel restrictions. Each country has documents for customs clearance and some will not allow medical cannabis

Aboriginal Organic

After 10 years working in remote Aboriginal communities Byndie Warrick Managing Director of Acacia was sent to Numbulwar

It was life changing to be reunited with relatives separated during the stolen generation in Arnhem land & Darwin. Learning about aboriginal foods, herbs & nutritional medicine has been a lifelong journey

Byndie Warrick is passionate about plant medicine and holistic patient centered care. Nurse Practitioner, Naturopath, Aboriginal Herbs & Nutritional Medicine

Aboriginal Herbs & Foods
Aboriginal foods & herbs are organic, wild harvested from mineral rich volcanic soil in Queensland & remote Aboriginal communities NT

Gumby Gumby (P. angustifolium)
100% Organic Leaf and bark indigenous plant of Australia. Gumby gumby has macro and micronutrients, minerals, trace elements, polyphenols, carotenoids, saponins and antioxidant capacity

Wilga (Geijera parviflora Lindl)
Australian Aboriginals used crushed leaves of wilga both internally and externally  (Cribb and Cribb, 1981)

Kakadu Plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana)
100% organic & wild harvested fruit from Aboriginal communities. This Northern Territory native plum is rich in Vitamin C, minerals, trace elements and protein.  Kakadu plum kernels are high in potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and omega-6

Byndie Warrick

Founder & Managing Director
Plant Medicine Consultant
Nurse Practitioner
Aboriginal Herbs
Sports Medicine

Dr Laurence Zalokar

Principal Doctor
Cannabis Consultant
General Practitioner
Medical Acupuncture
Chronic Pain
Sports Medicine

Dr Paul Condoleon

Cannabis Doctor
General Practitioner
Medical Acupuncture
Chronic Pain
Anxiety & Depression

Acacia respectfully acknowledges the Kombumerri community
traditional custodians of the Gold Coast Kombumerri speak their own language dialect Ngarahngwal

We acknowledge Ancestors and Elders past and present as well as the Traditional Owners of the lands
We pay respect to First Nations People as the first healers and health workers of this land & acknowledge all traditional healers

Acacia Medical Cannabis

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